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The highly anticipated “Nature of a Man” is now available!

This highly acclaimed documentary is years in the making, but the wait is over. Dr. Yvette set the stage for groups of men in Orlando, Atlanta and DC to tell women the truth about sex, relationships, infidelity, what it means (and what it doesn’t mean) to be “happily married”, and much, much more in this hour and a half long, no-holds-barred, men-only conversation.

Check your local listings for a live viewing in a theater near you, or purchase your copy online at To book Dr. Yvette, please visit

Dr. Yvette: Fix My Classroom (A reality show)

31st & Seventh is excited to share the following announcement from our partners: 10th Voyage Studios (;) is happy to announce they have completed the shoot and post production of the Trailer for the highly anticipated reality show, “Dr. Yvette: Fix My Classroom©”.

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The shoot took place on Friday, February 19th at Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida. Dr. Yvette is the author of From Cradle to College: A Parent’s Guide to Ensuring a Strong FinishMan’s Little Book of Plays and Forty & Fabulous: Forty Ways to Live your Best Days…After 40.

10th Voyage Studios Producer, Patrick Appolonia and CEO, Lenny Mosco said, “It was a wonderful shoot. Dr. Yvette and her team did an Awesome job putting this production together and we look forward to the success of this great series.” For more information about the series, Dr. Yvette: Fix My Classroom, or to contact Dr. Yvette, please use our Contact Us link.

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Dr. Yvette is the star of Dr. Yvette: Fix My Classroom.

Introducing Jon Marc Creighton and Bonafide Fool

31st & Seventh Publishing is excited to announce Jon Marc Creighton’s book debut, Bonafide Fool: Perhaps Yesterday but Definitely Not Today.   Converted

If you’re looking for a book that surpasses all demographic barriers and speaks directly to the heart of men and women, you’ve found it. Bonafide Fool illustrates for its readers  how societal changes, though inevitable, have created a numbing effect on many policy makers, leaders, educators and yes, even parents and offers concrete, effective ways to turn the tide. Visit and order your copy today!