About Us

Welcome to the corner of 31st and Seventh. We are a team of professional writers with over 20 years of combined experience teaching others, at both the high school and college levels, how to write well.  We at 3.1.7. see publishing on a grand Spectrum (books, cyberspace, audio, you name it) as an expansion of your canvas and the platform for getting your polished work out to your audiences.

Dr. Yvette, Ph.D. is 31st and Seventh’s CEO, a position she has held since its inception in August 2013. Her research is listed in the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database. Her fiction, self-help books and non-fiction also appear under Dr. Poochie Carter.Dr. Yvette

Dr. Yvette

I have been called on by authors and publishing houses alike to review and peer edit novels and textbooks, respectively, in addition to editing my own textbook for college learners in the Humanities. I’ve always been a promoter of self-expression as a means of sharing one’s Thoughts with the world and am an advocate of writing as a form of therapy.”


To be the launching pad for creativity, dreams realized and the difference in media as we know it.

How We Do It

31st and Seventh Media uses every medium available today to locate, attract and disseminate raw, quality talent and content. Our writers, editors, screenwriters and producers start with what you have and walk you through the process of perfecting your craft.

Our intake staff collects information you provide on the Contact Us page.  During the Initial Consultation, we establish a realistic timeline and process from start to finish. Our pricing model was developed with our Clients in mind.

We start your marketing plan early in the process, including social media marketing, press releases, building your fan base and promotional tours. You may have the very thing the world needs.  We help you get it to them.


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