About Us

31st and Seventh Media is a U.S.-based media powerhouse specializing in acquiring, producing, broadcasting, and publishing content. The company focuses on creative genres including novels, documentaries, short films and other original works. Considered a one-stop shop for a conglomerate of topics and events of interest and importance to youth and minorities, 31st and Seventh Media brings the best of the best to the fore.

Ursula Scott, Ph.D. is 31st and Seventh’s CEO, a position she has held since its inception in August 2013.

Our Mission

To provide a platform for aspiring writers, artists, and talent, while maintaining integrity and casting a positive light on our clients and their finished products.

How We Do It

31st and Seventh Media prides itself in using every medium available today to locate, attract and disseminate raw, quality talent and finished products to audiences hungry for material that spans genres and tones (from humorous to dramatic). Our intake staff collects information you provide on the Contact Us page and, if your information matches what we’re seeking and aligns with our mission, contacts you for additional information.


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