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  • 31st and Seventh is a full-service publishing, production and entertainment company providing a platform for untapped talent and coverage of informative, entertaining and potentially life-altering topics in film and print.

    As a 31st and Seventh Client, you would enjoy the following benefits.


    Step 1:  Intake staff matches you with an advisor.

    Step 2:  Your advisor helps you determine short-term and long-term goals and time lines for completing your project.

    Step 3:  Your advisor matches you with a creative consultant who walks you through the completion of your project.

    Step 4: We use a variety of marketing tools to reach your target audience, including word of mouth, social networking, electronic access and traditional methods.


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    *Seeking to publish a book?

    Your book can be available to a readership of thousands on Barnes & Noble and Amazon as well as a distribution network of multiple thousands of retail and wholesale brick & mortar and e-consumers.

    The highly anticipated “Nature of a Man” is now available!

    This highly acclaimed documentary is years in the making, but the wait is over. Dr. Yvette set the stage for groups of men in Orlando, Atlanta and DC to tell women the truth about sex, relationships, infidelity, what it means (and what it doesn't mean) to be "happily married", and much, much more in this hour and a half long, no-holds-barred, men-only conversation. Check your local listings for a live viewing in a theater near you, or purchase your copy online at square.com/store/3one7media. To book Dr. Yvette, please visit www.dryvette.com. [READ MORE]